Haunted Mansion

Welcome, foolish mortals! 999 happy haunts await you as you ride your Doom Buggy through one of the most famous and beloved of all the Walt Disney World attractions!
Location:Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square
Type of Attraction:Slow moving dark ride
Height Restrictions:None
Typical Wait Time:20-40 minutes
Is It Scary?Most of the ride is in the dark, and there are lots of ghosts, but the Haunted Mansion is more fun than scary!

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Your visit begins as you are led into an octagonal room, decorated with paintings of some residents past. As your Ghost Host introduces himself, you’ll notice that the room starts to stretch, and the once innocent paintings now reveal their ghoulish secrets. After the Ghost Host reveals his suggestion for a way to get out, a door mercifully slides open leading to the boarding area where you’ll climb into your Doom Buggies.

It’s here that your tour really begins as you slowly travel down an eerie hallway and into the library. After passing through a spooky music room, an unending hallway and a macabre coffin (with a very unhappy resident inside), you’ll enter the seance room. As the head of Madame Leota speaks eerily from her crystal ball, instruments fly about the room as she calls for the spirits to arrive.

Next up is the ballroom where you’ll find a swinging wake—a gathering of ghoulish ghosts dancing, dining and causing great mischief. After a frightening trip to the attic (probably the scariest part of the ride), you’ll find yourself descending into the graveyard.

Grim grinning ghost of all shapes and sizes are having a great time (though the same can’t be said for the caretaker and his dog who’ve come to see what all the noise is about!). Once you leave the graveyard, you’ll find that your Ghost Host has one more surprise for you, a hitchhiking ghost who joins you in your Doom Buggy for one last fright!

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