Toy Story Land

Hey howdy hey! Join Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the rest of the Toy Story as you venture into a world where everything is about, well, playing with toys!

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New toys! Yep, that’s you! As you enter Toy Story Land, you’ll see Woody cordially tipping his hat to greet you as he leans against a pile of building blocks. He seems awfully tall, doesn’t he? Well, the truth is, it’s YOU that’s changed size! You see, to better fit in with all the residents in Andy’s back yard, you’ve been shrunk down to toy size!

Toys of all shapes and sizes surround you. From the enormous Tinkertoys on either side of the path to the giant Cootie bug found further into Toy Story land, it’s as though Andy had thrown all his toys together and left them strewn about the yard!

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