The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Board your elevator for a thrilling journey into the Twilight Zone. This free-fall thrill ride is one of the scariest in all of Walt Disney World!
Location:Hollywood Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard
Type of Attraction:Free fall thrill ride
Height Restrictions:40″ or higher
Typical Wait Time:20-120 minutes
Is It Scary?Very scary!!

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In addition to being one of the tallest attraction in all of Walt Disney World (at 199 feet!), the Tower of Terror is arguably the scariest. Inspired by the Twilight Zone television series, your adventure takes you to the famed Hollywood Hotel, though nowadays it’s in a bit of disrepair.

As you wind your way through the hotel lobby, you’ll hear the story of a group of unfortunate guests (including two glamorous stars, a bellhop, a rising child star and her governess), who boarded the elevator one night during a storm and were never heard from again. Making your way down to the boiler room, you eventually board your freight elevator for a perilous journey to the 13th floor.

Dark corridors and ghostly apparitions haunt the deserted hotel, but just as the tension is starting to mount, you’re suddenly launched straight up the elevator shaft. A shower of sparks and a broken cable lead to a stomach churning plunge straight down, but just when you think it’s over your rocketed upwards again for another perilous drop. At one point the doors at the top of the shaft fly open, revealing a fleeting view of the park (from 13 stories up!) before you plummet straight down at faster-than-free-fall speed. Recent updates to the attraction create a random series of drops every time, so you’ll never know what to expect. Thrill seekers beware–the Tower of Terror is not for the faint of heart!

(Many thank to Garry Rollins for the photos in our Tower of Terror gallery!)

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