Na’Vi River Journey

Float downstream though the beautiful nighttime bioluminescent forests of Pandora!
Location:Animal Kingdom
Type of Attraction:Indoor boat ride
Height Restrictions:None
Typical Wait Time:30-90 minutes
Is It Scary?Nothing scary here!

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Your journey begins as you enter a bioluminescent cave-like area, where a Na’vi warrior to the right of the boat grants you passage. The slow-moving boats then enter a breathtaking bioluminescent rainforest area. It is difficult to actually describe all of the sights and sounds that combine to completely immerse you in this lush landscape. Countless other-worldy plants glow brightly in the darkness, as the sounds of exotic animals echo in the background. Be sure to look up, down, and around, as the movements of plants are occurring all around the boats. Some of the most impressive scenes are the “viper wolves” from the Avatar film that you’ll see throughout the attraction.

Another magical element of the Na’vi River Journey takes place near the ceiling of the attraction, as a series of special effects including lighting, shadows, and fabricated movement make it appear as though lizards are jumping to and from leafs that hang above your head. As the boats travel further inward, the ambient noises of animals and water in the background begins to increase, as video screens display other native Pandoran animal species.

At this point you’ll begin to hear Na’vi music playing the background, a precursor to the most stunning portion of the entire attraction: the Shaman of Songs. The Shaman demonstrates her deep connection to the life force of Pandora – and sends positive energy out into the forest through the power of her music!

After passing the Shaman of Songs, the boats return to the loading dock where you’ll depart through a series of caves before returning to the breathtaking Mo’ara Valley.

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