Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy

Join Lightning McQueen as he takes you on a high speed adventure in this fun-filled show!
Location:Hollywood Studios
Sunset Boulevard
Type of Attraction:Indoor theater show
Height Restrictions:None
Typical Wait Time:5-20 minutes
Is It Scary?Nothing scary here!

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Do you feel the need for speed? Lightning is anxious to showcase what he’s learned over the years. But, things don’t always go according to plan when Chick Hicks hacks into the simulator system to humiliate him, and he has to think fast to get back on course. This unique show stars all of your friends from Cars, including Mater and Cruz Ramirez.

But Lightning is the star of the show, and he comes to life right before your eyes as he takes center stage to show off his racing expertise. Get ready for some high-octane excitement as  Lightning gears up for a challenge to finally settle the score with Chicks in a thrilling virtual race. Ready? Set? GO!!!!

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