Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Climb aboard your mine car and get ready for wild ride through a glittering, jewel-filled mine!
Location:Magic Kingdom
Type of Attraction:Roller Coaster
Height Restrictions:38″ or taller
Typical Wait Time:40-90 minutes
Is It Scary?Somewhat scary

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Your journey begins as the mine train races outside past rocky outcrops, leading quickly to a small incline. As you crest over the hill, you’ll catch a brief glimpse of Prince Eric’s castle before plunging down into a right twisting turn. After a series of several more banks and turns, you’ll arrive at the entrance to the mine itself. As you plunge into the darkness, you’ll quickly enter a chamber called Diamond Pass, filled with glittering jewels, and there’s Dopey himself on the right, bobbing up and down in his mine car that’s being pulled by a helpful deer. You’ll then glide past the rest of the dwarfs as they dig for treasure (though Sleepy seems to be having a hard time getting motivated!). Doc bellows out a hearty “Heigh Ho!” to his fellow dwarfs, who respond in kind and begin to sing the classic “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s home from work we go.” Your car climbs a steep incline as you accompany the dwarfs…well, their silhouettes anyway…out of the mine.

Once you’re out of the mine, your car glides down a gentle slope, under a bridge, and over a stream, before coming upon the seven dwarfs cottage on the right. If you look carefully you can catch a glimpse inside, but before you know it you’re off again as the train brings you back to Fantasyland. Heigh ho!

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