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Enchanted Tales With Belle

You can surprise Belle by putting on a show telling the story of Beauty and the Beast…with all of your favorite characters to help you out!
Location:Magic Kingdom
Type of Attraction:Walking Tour/Show
Height Restrictions:None
Typical Wait Time:10-20 minutes
Is It Scary?Nothing scary here!

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Tucked in a meadow just beyond the forest’s edge, Maurice’s Cottage brings a country scene to Magic Kingdom Guests. With a winding stone pathway leading the way, Guests are invited into Belle’s childhood home for an inside look into Maurice’s workshop at Enchanted Tales with Belle.

As you approach Maurice’s cottage, you’ll notice an assorment of items staight out of Belle’s father’s workshop. Once you enter the main room, you’ll see lots of books and portraits, including one of Belle and her mother. This is the pre-show room (similar to the Changing Portrait room at the Haunted Mansion), and from there Guests are admitted in smaller groups into the workshop itself.

Keep an eye on the magic mirror, it will soon transform into a portal leading to Beast’s castle. Once there, you’ll find Madame Wardrobe, who tells you and your group that you will be surprising Belle with a re-enactment of “Beauty and The Beast.” Guests are assigned parts, given props, and once everyone is ready you’ll then be admitted to the library.

Once you’re in the library, Lumiere is on hand to help get everyone in their proper place. Belle herself then appears, and the story begins. Everyone gets to join in on the fun, and at the end of the show, you can have your photo taken with Belle, and you’ll also receive a special souvenir of your magical encounter.