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Gorilla Falls Exploration Trails

Walk through the lush, tropical forests of Africa to see a variety of animals and plants in their native habitat.
Location:Animal Kingdom
Type of Attraction:Walking tour
Height Restrictions:None
Typical Wait Time:None
Is It Scary?Nothing scary here!

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On the first part of your trek you’ll see Stanley cranes, okapi, and yellow-backed duikers (a variety of antelope). Next you’ll enter a research building where you’ll find a variety of exhibits, including a group of naked mole rats (they’re actually very cute)! As you leave the research building you’ll enter an aviary, where you can see a variety of exotic African birds.

From the aviary it’s on to the hippo pond. Dik-diks, meerkats, and gerenuks (a giraffe-like animal) greet you for the next part of your tour, and next comes the highlight of the journey, the Gorilla Research Camp. Look for Gino, a silverback male and the head of the troop! A suspension bridge and a bamboo fence provide one last glimpse of the majestic gorillas before you finally reach the end of the trail near Harambe Station.

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