Slinky Dog Dash

The toys may be small, but there’s nothing small about this wild, twisting roller coaster. Hang on tight!
Location:Hollywood Studios
Toy Story Land
Type of Attraction:Roller coaster
Height Restrictions:38″ or taller
Typical Wait Time:30-120 minutes
Is It Scary?Pretty scary!

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Welcome to Andy’s Room! Or, more appropriately, welcome to Andy’s backyard!

Slinky Dog Dash as a family-friendly roller coaster that sends you dipping, dodging and dashing around hairpin turns. As you get ready to set off on your adventure, you’ll hear a “spring” sound before you’re launched forward through a series of hills and turns. About halfway through the attraction, the vehicles come to a stop, and Slinky tells you to “hang on!” Look quickly to see two spinning signs on either side of the track, each with twirling flames. A series of four half-circles cover the track in front of the vehicles, each of which is labeled “GO!” Your car slowly moves backwards as the flame signs turn, then here we go! You’re then launched forward for a second time through another series turns and lifts, including a series of small hills that send you bouncing up and down!

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