Toy Story Mania!

Get ready for some carnival-style 3D fun with Woody, Jessie, and the rest of the Toy Story gang!
Location:Hollywood Studios
Toy Story Land
Type of Attraction:3D shooting game
Height Restrictions:None
Typical Wait Time:30-120 minutes
Is It Scary?Not too scary!

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“Hurry, hurry! Woody, Buzz, and all their pals have set up the Midway Mania play center just for you! It’s a ride that’s a game; it’s a game that’s a ride. Step right up and see what’s inside!” – Mr. Potato Head

Toy Story Mania is a fun-filled, carnival style attraction reminiscent of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in the Magic Kingdom. Like its Tomorrowland counterpart, your mission is to fire at a wide variety of targets and collect as many points as you can. But be prepared! The action here is a lot more frenzied, and you’ll also thrill at the added element of 3D action.

The fun begins as you enter the queue…you’ll find yourself shrunk to the size of a toy. The queue area itself is filled with all sorts of oversized retro toys and board games, including Tinkertoys, Scrabble, and a Barrel of Monkeys. Soon you’ll grab a pair of 3D glasses and board your ride vehicle, and that’s when the real action begins!

You’ll encounter a series of carnival games, each one designed to put your shooting skills to the test. Fire away at as many targets as you can find, and be sure to keep an eye out for the elusive ones, they’re usually worth big points. Also, each game is filled with hidden targets that are revealed when other targets are hit, that’s where you can really rack up a big score.

Each game lasts only about a minute, so you have to work quickly. It helps if you work with the person next to you to reveal hidden targets. Don’t worry if this is your first time, you’ll get a chance to practice as Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and Rex hold targets for you to shoot pies at. There’s no scoring here, but it will give you the chance to become familiar with the spring-action shooter.

After you’ve completed all the games, it’s time to find out your score and see what virtual prize you’ve won. You’ll also get the chance to compare your total with the top three scores of the day, as well as the top score for the month. No matter what your score, one thing’s for certain. This is the wildest, whackiest carnival midway you’ll ever see, and you’ll definitely want to come back for more!

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