Welcome to EPCOT, a unique and spectacular showcase of technology, innovation, and the beauty and diversity of the world’s nations.

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As you enter EPCOT, you’ll pass beneath the giant geosphere that is the symbol of EPCOT, and home to one of its premiere attractions, Spaceship Earth. Directly behind Spaceship Earth is Future World. It is here that most of the major attractions can be found, and it is also here that you can experience the latest advances in technology for home, communication, and entertainment.

Past Future World is a walkway taking you to World Showcase Lagoon. Surrounding the lagoon is World Showcase itself; eleven spectacularly detailed pavilions recreating the splendor and majesty of countries from all over the world.

Epcot is a unique blend of thrills, innovation, and exploration that conveys the spirit of adventure, discovery and togetherness that was at the heart of Walt Disney’s dream!

Choose a Land and Let’s Explore!

Future World

Explore the oceans, the land, the world around us, outer space, and even your own imagination!

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World Showcase

Take a trip around the world and experience the sights, tastes and beauty of a variety of countries from across the globe.

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