It’s Tough To Be a Bug!

Join Flik, Hopper, and the rest of the gang from A Bug’s Life in this fun-filled 3D show!
Location:Animal Kingdom
Discovery Island
Type of Attraction:Indoor 3D show
Height Restrictions:None
Typical Wait Time:5-20 minutes
Is It Scary?Mildly scary

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It’s Tough To Be a Bug is a fun-filled 3D theater presentation featuring your favorite characters from the movie “A Bug’s Life”, plus a few special guests! Flik is your host for this creepy crawly show, and along the way you’ll see butterflies, ladybugs–even a stink bug. (And yes, he really stinks!). Things take a scary turn when a gang of spiders drops in, and Hopper himself also makes a fearsome appearance.
Dazzling 3D visuals combine with a host of other sensory effects (including the sensation of a zillion teeny bugs crawling around behind you!) to create a creepy but entertaining show. When it’s all over you’ll realize that it really is tough to be a bug!

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