Flight of Passage

Take to the skies of Pandora on your very own Banshee!
Location:Animal Kingdom
Type of Attraction:Flight simulator
Height Restrictions:44″ or taller
Typical Wait Time:90-240 minutes
Is It Scary?Mildly scary

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Your adventure actually begins as you enter the queue, leading you to the PCI laboratory. This portion of the queue is simply jaw-dropping, and is one of the most impressively themed areas in all of Walt Disney World. In the laboratory, PCI is conducting a variety of tests on the Pandora ecosystem, including an impressive water purification test. It’s here you’ll come upon a Na’vi Avatar floating in a massive water tank. The Avatar is amazingly realistic, and appears to be actually breathing, complete with periodic twitching of arms and legs!

Next, you’ll enter a large room used by PCI to track all of the mountain banshees in Pandora, which are displayed on massive video screens. The room also features a massive wall mural of a banshee being ridden by an Avatar (or perhaps an actual Na’vi). You and your fellow Guests are then divided into separate queues that lead to different chambers where you’ll be “linked” to your Avatar.

A pre-show film gives you some background on the matching process, including some very cool special effects. If you haven’t seen the film Avatar, this part of the experience will fill in those missing pieces, and you’ll learn what an Avatar actually is. Simply put, an Avatar is a character that looks like the Na’vi, but is controlled by a human, giving that human the sensation that they really are a Na’vi. So why go through this process in the first place? Simple, humans cannot ride banshees, only the Na’vi can!

Once you board your banshee,  you’ll see a video screen located directly in front of you displaying a multitude of information about the linking process. When all Guests in the group are ready, the wall in front of the ride vehicles disappears, and the incredible sensation of flight aboard a massive banshee immediately begins! You’ll dive down jagged cliffs, soar high above a jungle canopy, and swoop down above numerous exotic creatures. Gentle breezes, stunning visuals, and other amazing facts will make you feel like you’ve boarded a banshee and are flying through a beautiful, alien landscape!

Flight of Passage is truly one of the greatest attractions ever created at Walt Disney World, and must be experienced to be believed!

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