Test Track

Experience the speed and thrills of being a test driver for the latest and greatest cars in the fastest attraction in all of Walt Disney World. Hang on tight!
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Test Track puts you through the paces of a rigorous testing process designed to push you and your vehicle to the max.
After you’re safely strapped into your car, you’ll go up a series of steep inclines and over some rough terrain. Next, you’ll get a chance to test out the automatic braking system with some high speed runs and quick stops. Afterwards you’ll get a chance to catch your breath as you experience some environmental tests (you know, heat, cold and…acid??).

Next up is a series of hairpin turns and then what looks to be the final test-a high speed crash into a concrete wall. What’s that, you don’t want to be a crash test dummy? Too late now! Your seemingly soon-to-be-crushed vehicle races towards the wall, but at the last moment the wall drops away and you’re outside for the high speed runs. Racing through banking curves your speed increases steadily until you hit a top speed of 65 mph on the final straightaway (but it feels much faster than that) before screaming through the final curve and back to the testing facilities.


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